Pricing Details

How our pricing works

How Our Pricing Works

Pricing is based on storage consumption

The warehouse for your performance metrics is limited to the storage associated with your pricing plan. Higher workload systems with more diverse queries will require more storage. Workloads such as multi-tenant environments will require more storage.

The amount of history retained can be adjusted to help get busier workloads to fit into lower pricing plans; however, there are some very large workloads that will consume our lower pricing tiers fairly quickly.

A subscription is per-instance

Each subscription purchased pertains to a single instance. The subscription is a floating license, so it can be moved between different instances at anytime.

Choosing a Pricing Plan

How busy is my workload?

Multi-tenant workloads generally require our Standard or Premium pricing plans. Multi-tenant workloads are typically made up of approximately 200+ databases installed on a single instance. Other workloads will vary based upon amount of dynamic/adhoc SQL versus Stored Procedure usage - in these cases we generally suggest using the CPU count of the server as a starting point to gauge what pricing plan to choose. The pricing plans have a "recommended for" description which can be referred to.

For most workloads we suggest customers start with a lower pricing tier (i.e. the basic plan) and upgrade to a higher tier if necessary, or adjust the amount of history retained to fit within the selected tier.

Is there a way to gauge how busy my workload is?

Yes, you can install our Free or Trial version and make note of the space consumption. During the first 24 hours of data collection the warehouse will grow at a higher rate; however, following that the warehouse will grow at a more linear level.

What should I do if the largest (30 GB) Premium plan isn't large enough?

In extremely rare cases we encounter customers that are not capable of living within the largest pricing plan. For these customers we have a special Jumbo plan which we can use to accomodate these scenarios. This is extremely rare; however, it does arise on occasion. We've seen the requirement for this in multi-tenant scenarios with instances hosting between 1000 to 2000 databases. Our customer specific plans are still quite reasonably priced. Contact us and we can work with you on setting this up.