Lightning Fast Root Cause Diagnosis

Using query level performance analysis, SQLGrease gets to the root cause of problems within minutes.

Below is a brief summary of the type of information SQLGrease collects:

  • Execution times
  • Wait events
  • Execution plans
  • Execution plan profiles
  • IO statistics
  • Deadlock analysis
  • Tempdb fills
  • Session snapshots

By correlating collected performance data at the query level and coupling it with intuititive visualization, problems can be diagnosed quickly. You can see a more detailed list of features here.

 Designed and Built For SQL Server

SQLGrease was built from the ground up specifically for SQL Server. Using the newest monitoring features in SQL Server, SQLGrease collects detailed information with extremely low overhead.

SQLGrease is the only subscription priced offering capable of providing deep dive performance monitoring of SQL Server. Despite being a cloud offering, SQLGrease is capable of monitoring your on premise and cloud deployments. All that is required is the install of a lightweight windows service somewhere in your network.

SQLGrease installs in minutes. Upgrades do not require reinstallations and do not require end user intervention. As a result, SQLGrease frequently introduces new features at no additional cost.

Our secure platform ensures no sensitive data ever leaves your data center. No credentials are ever transfered, all data is encrypted via SSL. Queries, execution plans, and deadlock graphs are optionally scrubbed for non-parameterized SQL. SQLGrease is able to collect data with as few permissions as only VIEW SERVER STATE access.

Recent Updates

Recommendation Engine - Unsargable Predicates

The recommendation engine now detects unsargable predicates and provides detailed tuning advice to address many scenarios.

SQLGrease Does Not Use Log4j

There has been recent publicity regarding security vulnerabilities related to Log4j logging. SQLGrease does not use Log4j and as a result is not vulnerable to this exploit.

Query Plan Forcing

SQLGrease now allows you to force a specific query plan. Plan guides have always been difficult to create. SQLGrease takes the complexity out of this and will generate plan guides in order for you to force a known good plan.

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