The SQLGrease New Relic Plugin is a Free plugin which provides visibility to data collected by SQLGrease. This plugin is free to both pay and free versions of SQLGrease.

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SQLGrease measures query performance internal to SQL Server. From this perspective, SQLGrease is able to gain deep visibility into where stored procedures and queries are spending time. The plugin exposes this information through plugin dashboards and summary metrics.


The SQLGrease New Relic Plugin requires no software installation. Simply enter your New Relic license ID and SQLGrease will start sending performance data to New Relic. Either follow this link, or while logged in to SQLGrease go to /Control Panel/Update New Relic License ID.


The plugin comes with five dashboards:

Summary Metrics

The plugin also comes with five summary metrics. The summary metrics are measured over the last 5 minutes of collected data.

  • Query Workload
  • High Severity Notifications
  • Medium Severity Notifications
  • Low Severity Notifications
  • SQLGrease Events

Query Workload

Query workload is the average number of seconds over the past 5 minutes of total query time spent in the database.


High, medium, and low severity notifications are the average number of active notifcations over the past 5 minutes.

SQLGrease Events

This is the total number of events over the last 5 minutes.